WILLIE HINES and the Wildflowers

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"When I was just a young and naive troubadour I always carried my acoustic guitar around on my back, no case, an old Montgomery Wards Airline named Tulsa (after Neil Young's immortal "Last Trip To Tulsa") that went with me everywhere. I learned pretty much everything I know on that dear old friend, and my favorite songs to sing and play were "Fire and Rain" by James Taylor, pretty much anything by Neil Young, and "Autumn", written by the late, great Dan Hartman. Thank you for reminding me of my roots, Laura M. And thank you, Tulsa, for taking me down so many wonderful roads along the way...."

Willie Hines, Sept. 2014

Willie is putting together a new "Americana/country" band in the vein of Ryan Adams and the Cardinals and/or Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, with pedal steel and organ/piano. "Willie Hines and the Wildflowers" has some really good songs ready to debut at a show this Halloween night at the Prospect Theater in Modesto.

Willie is also a nominee for the MAMAs (
Modesto Area Music Awards) this year under the "Blue Collar" category! Vote now.
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The Willie Hines band began as a vehicle for Willie Hines to continue to make music. After Jet Red dissolved, Willie began to discovery more music that needed to be heard. Teaming with Jeff Babineau, John Williams (bass), and Jimmy Rehn (drums), the Willie Hines Band was formed. The WHB continues to move forward with the addition of John Wise (bass) and Michael Frowein (drums) and has recently released of "Whatever" soon! WHB makes music for those who still respect the fact that "real people make real music". Give it a try- you will not be disappointed!

The new album WHATEVER is now available on CD and can be purchased through Amazon. Want to hear samples of the entire album? Go to the SOUNDS section.
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